Esseterre Bulgaria EOOD was established in 2015 and is a 100% investment of the American corporation dōTERRA to initially produce some of their Lavender and Melissa essential oils. Since opening the first distillation block in June 2016 in Dobrich, the company is continuously developing and growing by increasing the production capacity and the number of employees. All of the production at Esseterre is to satisfy the essential oil needs of dōTERRA alone and Esseterre does not trade any products on the internal market.

The production come from several essential oil plants, which Esseterre obtains through long-term partnerships with local farmers and by importing raw materials from abroad. The distillery processes herbal plants, flowers, seeds, woods, and resins – basically yellow and blue oils.

Distillation takes place 24/7 all year round. The team and the technical equipment are Bulgarian. This is one of the few distilleries in Bulgaria with its own laboratory and Research and Development team.

Esseterre is constantly investing in technical equipment for essential oil production, modern laboratory facilities, agricultural research fields, and our team of highly-qualified professionals.


Established in 2008, today dōTERRA is a leader in the essential oils market, purchasing over 170 essential oils, which are sold as single oils, unique oil blends, or included into other aromatherapy products. The guarantee for their internal quality is the standard CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade®– each oil meets this standard. dōTERRA has high standards that all of their suppliers must meet. With partners all over the world – distilleries, research teams that unite the best health professionals, chemists, technologists, and the investments in research and development – dōTERRA is a stable partner in the health and wellness industry.

As a factor in the essential oil industry, through the model of Co-Impact Sourcing® and with the Healing Hands Foundation™, dōTERRA helps to improve the lives and futures of farmers and families in oil-producing communities.

Wellness Consultants

Based in a modern facility in Pleasant Grove, UTAH (USA), dōTERRA works to achieve its vision – to offer to every family around the world the benefits of the essential oils. Distributed only by Wellness Advocates (WAs), dōTERRA’ s products are the natural resources that surround us in bottles with additional value.

All products of the company are for aromatherapy, which is why all Wellness Advocates go through hours of educational trainings, participate in different seminars, and constantly enrich their knowledge.

In Bulgaria, there are many WAs who actively work through social media and share their experience and knowledge to help others who would like to understand more about essential oils and dōTERRA’ s other products and how to use them.

Built in 2020, the rose distillery of Terra Roza is situated on a field of 11 decares, close to the city of Shipka, Kazanlak. Equipped with 4 distillation units, each with a capacity of 5.5 m3. Using steam distillation, Terra Roza distills and buys rose oil only for the needs of dōTERRA.

The equipment in the rose distillery is also made in Bulgaria, and the team has already produced successful research and development activities. Partnering with local rose farmers, Terra Roza is establishing the standards for rose essential oil.

The rose distillery is open only during the harvest and distillation season with the team participating in the distillation processes from Dobrich.

Terra Roza welcomes all Wellness Advocates of dōTERRA, to introduce them to the Bulgarian rose harvesting and distillation traditions.