Esseterre Essential Oils

Lavender, Frankincense, Melissa, Savory, Myrrh, and Rose – these are just some of the most popular essential oils among the diverse palette that dōTERRA offers. Esseterre has become one of the world leaders in high quality distillation of yellow and blue essential oils, processed from several type of raw supplies: grass, flowers, seeds, wood, and resins.

Quality Control

The high quality as a constant factor is part of Esseterre engagement towards dōTERRA, towards all consumers of essential oils and also towards the suppliers. Each phase of the distillation process through which the raw material goes is controlled and observed – all technology and procedures developed by the professionals in the distillery is to pursue pure oils and maintains their best extract indications.

Research and Development

The agronomists, distillers and specialists from Esseterre laboratory work together to determine the best conditions for growth and development of essential oil plants, the best time for their distillation and correct technological methods.

Ecology and Energy Efficiency

Esseterre production activities are developed with commitment to nature. Esseterre invests in separate waste disposal, recycling, purification and utilization of industrial waste from raw materials and more. The used technological equipment is of the highest ecological class.


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Leader in the world market for aroma-therapeutic products and in the production of pure essential oils of the highest class. With its rich portfolio and co-impact approach, dōTERRA is an opportunity for a better life, a symbol of health and care from and for nature with additional value.

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