Second national meeting of distillers of essential oil plants in Bulgaria

On November 14, 2023, the second national meeting of the distillers of essential oil plants in Bulgaria, organized by the Association “Distilled in Bulgaria”, took place in Sofia, Interexpo Center. The meeting was attended by almost 90% of the representatives of the branch in the country, as well as experts of the European Federation of Essential Oils EFEO, Ministry of Economy and Industry, Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

The discussions were about some of the most relevant topics:

– the position of the European Parliament regarding the amendments to the Regulation on classification, labelling and packaging of chemicals (CLP);

– the effect of the Rose Law in Bulgaria;

– overview of the lavender market at the moment.

According to Plamen Nikolov – representative of the Association and executive director of Esseterre and Terra Roza distilleries, there is a need to establish legislation not only for the rose, but for all essential oils. Bulgaria is rich in essential oil crops and the rose is only a small part of the plantations that are distilled in our country.

The association “Distilled in Bulgaria” will continue to search and announce current topics about the sector and offer solutions for them, ensuring a dialogue between all interested parties, producers, distillers and consumers.

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