BIPEA Certificate and successful results from PTS for Esseterre laboratory

We are very pleased and happy to share with you the best results achieved from our laboratory.

Last year Esseterre’s Lab participated in Proficiency Testing Schemes, organized by BIPEA. BIPEA is a European organization located in France which acts to support the analytical performances of laboratories. They organize regular proficiency-testing schemes (PTS) in many analytical domains, including the analysis of essential oils. These tests allow participating laboratories not only to check their analytical skills but are also a very useful tool to detect bias or non-compliant results.

Our participation was in PTS ” 62 – Flavouring & Fragrances.

We participated in the GC analysis of patchouli essential oil (62d). The reported results were on polar and non-polar columns. The participating laboratories work with various GC, columns and methods. Аll our results are acceptable and we do not have results with large deviations from the reported ones. The successful participation in PT is the best independent assessment of the competence of our laboratory.

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