Visit of the USA Ambassador Mrs. Hero Mustafa at Terra Roza

The special visit during the rose campaign by the US Ambassador – Hero Mustafa in Terra Roza – the newly built rose distillery of dōTERRA in the town of Shipka, Kazanlak, was a great recognition of the work of our entire team.

The General Director of Esseterre Bulgaria and Terra Roza Plamen Nikolov proudly presented to the Ambassador the whole modernized process of distillation of the world-famous essential oil from Bulgarian rose.

Going through every step from receiving the rose petals to extracting the oil, Mr. Nikolov explained about the continuous experiments that our team does with different essential crops, which shows that there is still a lot of potential in the field of distillation throughout the country!

We shared with the ambassador and the three officials of the local government in the region, the Mayor of Kazanlak – Mrs. Galina Stoyanova, the Mayor of Shipka – Mrs. Vasilka Panayotova and the Mayor of Sheynovo – Mrs. Petya Leykova the long-term ambitions and goals of our team – to build new professionals and standards in the field of rose oil distillation, while preserving the uniqueness of the Bulgarian rose.

Her Excellency Hero Mustafa was also acquainted with the consistent social responsible policy of our company, which supports a number of projects in the fields of culture, education, ecology and human resources development in the region, sharing the co-impact principles of dōTERRA.

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