Evolve 2021

The biggest, annual event of dōTERRA this year was titled – Evolve! Thousands of Wellness Advocates from all over the world were able to attend in live at Vivint Arena, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Our team was represented by Plamen Nikolov – General manager and Ivan Lutskanov – Trade manager! Every one who attended showed great joy and happiness about Esseterre’s fast growth and success. The applause for the Sourcing team and the evaluation of our teams hard work made us proud and honored!

Recognition for us is the opinion of the experts from dōTERRA that lavender oil has a gold rank in terms of purity and quality. Our team had two-day meetings with the dōTERRA’s R&D team to discuss and propose new production methods, new essential oil crops, with which we are sure that Bulgaria will once again be proud in front of the world.

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