Official opening of Esseterre Bulgaria

The team at the distillery welcomed its guests with excitement and enthusiasm. As 100% owned by dōTERRA, Esseterre celebrated this day with a strong foreign presence. Among the official guests were the founders of dōTERRA and the first 80 in the top lists of wellness consultants of the company from all over the world.

The General Director of Esseterre Bulgaria, Plamen Nikolov underlined that the raw material (Melissa and Lavender), which will be processed by the distillery, will be sourced by local farmers. It is expected that 25-30 tons of Lavender oil and 300-400 kg Melissa will be produced this year. Esseterre will also distill blue oils (yarrow, chamomile, etc.) as well as Frankincense, and the wood resin will be imported from Somalia and Ethiopia.

12 stills with 5.5 cubic meters each are the production facilities, two large boilers, own drilling and cooling pool with distilled water. Esseterre is the only distillery in the country with its own laboratory, which will guarantee the quality of the distilled oils.

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